Katie Rioux

Modern, Elevated, Comfortable

Katie designs first and foremost with intention, creating spaces that are fresh, uncluttered, and elevated with a warm, modern touch. She thoughtfully crafts purposeful places for everyday items and weaves boldness into her designs with pops of color or unexpected patterns. Experimenting with natural elements and layering rich textures balances style with comfort, helping her reach the ultimate goal of creating spaces that her clients feel utterly at home with, and never want to leave.


e. krioux@dwkinteriors.ca

ig. @dwkinteriors


Jenn MacDonald

Timeless, Balanced, Versatile

Jenn loves the versatility of working with multiple schools of design, embracing inspiration from a wide variety of unique aesthetics. Her strength is working with couples with opposing styles; she loves the challenge of weaving together differing items and influences so that they flow together harmoniously. She appreciates balance in all her work, creating areas that are both carefree and comfortable. She mixes manmade and natural materials so each space comes together with holistic beauty that celebrates the personalities of the people it was designed for.

e. jmacdonald@dwkinteriors.ca

ig. @jennmacdonald.dwk


Katrina Ramsvik

Minimalistic, Calming, Eclectic

Katrina has a penchant for bold accents from another time, embracing minimalistic Scandinavian design and all things cozy. She mixes practicality and simplicity with mid-century interest pieces to incorporate depth and history; creating spaces that are calming, inviting and interesting. She loves designing with natural materials and textures, adding cozy throws and plants to weave warmth into her eclectic designs.


e. kramsvik@dwkinteriors.ca

ig. @ramsvikreativ


Mhairi Loftus

Sophisticated, Distinctive, Worldly

As a mother of two, Mhairi (pronounced Vah – ree) is inspired by design that first and foremost creates a functional, warm space for a family to feel at home. Her interiors evoke this by emphasizing uncluttered, inviting design. Raised in Scotland, Mhairi brings European flair to her work, weaving together traditional and modern elements, and texture to create depth, visual interest and balance.

e. mloftus@dwkinteriors.ca

ig. @forbesinfervor