Bright & Bold Master Bedroom Reveal


We’re showing off a master bedroom that was in dire need of a facelift. Our amazing clients deserved a bedroom that was worthy of them—a place where they could unwind and relax. In this project, we dared to create a focal point that competes for attention with their impressive pitched roof. We mixed modern furniture with traditional and added a focal wall that we’ve been dying to share with you (squeal!). The result is an eclectic space that gives off energy and good vibes! 

We combined two striking elements for some major eye candy:

  1. floral metallic wallpaper
  2. velvet upholstered headboard and bed with nailhead detail

Scroll down to feel our excitement and learn how we mixed patterns, metals, and furniture styles to transform this “novice” space into a “master” suite. 


Several factors made this bedroom an overall dark space. The headboard, nightstands, dresser, and TV were all black, and the only window in the room faces north, so the space doesn’t get much natural light. The existing ceiling fixture was also black and provided minimal light as well. The DWK team fears no darkness, so we used our creative superpowers to breathe some light and life into this master bedroom.


Bold Master Bedroom with metallic wallpaper and velvet upolstered headboard

“Is this the same room?” Right?! Our clients didn’t want to keep any of their existing furniture, so we just went for it! We mixed metals, patterns, and textures for an inviting master bedroom that is anything but boring! The light reflecting off the metallic wallpaper print is enough to impress. We are obsessed with the final look, to say the least. 

The main design qualm we had to tackle was bringing more light and life to the space. We lightened it up with white bed linens, colourful pillows, and a bright, rich blue headboard for the bed, white custom drapery panels for the window, and artwork for the walls. 

Master Bedroom bedside styling perfection - metallic wallpaper and bold headboard
Master bedroom styling, mixing patterns through accent pillows

Our clients’ style had evolved over time to a mix of modern and traditional. In order to achieve a cohesive flow, we chose a traditional headboard in a modern colour and a traditional full-length mirror. We blended these items with a lighter and more modern dresser, nightstands, table lamps, chandelier, accessories, and abstract art. Voila! Modern + Traditional = Perfection.

Rioux,Katie_Sherwood-39 copy.jpg

In order to bounce what little light we had around the room, we selected a larger, leaner mirror for the corner and reflective gold wall décor. Additional light now shines from the new chandelier and white table lamps on the nightstands.

How to brighten a dark master bedroom
Mixing metals, abstract art and modern furniture
Rioux,Katie_Sherwood-31 copy.jpg

If you’re under the impression that mixing metals is a major faux pas, think again! Mixing metals (when done right) adds visual interest and depth to a space. It’s also a great way to make the pieces in your home look like they’ve been collected over many years. So how do you mix metals? Well, here are three tricks from our sleeve to yours:


Choose a dominant metal and then add accent metal tones for a complex look. In this space, we chose silver as the dominant metal (found in the headboard nailheads, wallpaper accent wall, drapery embroidery, and bedding embroidery) and gold and antiqued brass as the accent metal (found in the wall décor, chandelier, bedside table lamps, and accessories). The accent metal is meant to guide the eyes throughout the room.


Create a balance of cool metal tones and warm metal tones. Silver and chrome are considered cool tones, whereas gold and brass are considered warm tones. We chose silver as the dominant metal because the overall design included a generally cool colour palette with a lot of greys and blues. The gold and brass accents add warmth and rich pops of colour.


Consider texture. Texture isn’t unique to fabric; metals have varying textures as well, such as matte, polished, and hammered. It’s important to combine a variety of metal finishes to add depth to your space and to prevent your furniture from feeling like a set.

decorating with baskets master bedroom
Master bedroom bedside styling, metallic wallpaper and bold upolstered headboard

Jenn adds the finishing touches to the new bed. We love using accent pillows to mix patterns and textures. If you’re trying to add some bold touches to any room, then accent pillows are your bread and butter. They are such a great way to add interest and detail without the fear of committing to something permanent. (Although our clients obviously weren’t concerned about permanence—they gladly went for the bold wallpaper and headboard!) Pillows are easy to switch out seasonally or as your pillow collection grows.

How many pillows is enough for the master bedroom

We mixed a lot of patterns in this space, but we did it in a subtle fashion by focusing on similar traits in each pattern. The patterns we mixed lie in the bedding, wallpaper, bedside tables, and draperies. To make this many patterns work cohesively, we consistently used patterns with silver/grey hues and a matching scale. This prevents the space from feeling busy—which is exactly what you don’t want in a master bedroom. We’ve written an entire blog post on mastering pattern combinations, so please check it out here

Bedside table styling - DWK Interiors
custom drapery - master bedroom styling - dwk interiors

After our drapery installer finishes perfecting each panel, we like to stand back and gaze in awe at the pristine pleats. The level of detail that our workroom applies to each panel blows us away. From top to bottom, the pinch and pleat detail and the way the draperies gently graze the floor are nothing short of a masterpiece (but we may be biased).

Would you dare to be as bold as these homeowners? Would you opt for the wallpaper and the vibrant bed and headboard? We’d love to hear your opinion! Leave us a note in the Comments section below. 

Design Lead Jenn MacDonald
Photography by Lindsay Nichols