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It's Live!

We’re incredibly excited to have a new space to connect with our friends in design, past clients and clients-to-be! This new blog endeavour, coined ‘Notebook’ has been quite the undertaking, but we are ecstatic to share more of what we love with you! But first - who is “we”?

We are: Katie, Jenn and Katrina - the DWK team. We like to think of ourselves as a design triple threat (with minimal threatening qualities!). Together we share a passion for creating inspired, character interiors. Despite often showing up to work in the same color scheme, we are actually vastly different in personality and style. In an effort to showcase our differences we've put together a unique blog series. The first chapter of which you can check out here.

Thanks for stopping by our new online space, we're so glad you're here!

For more on us, head over to our Team Page!


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