HGTV Feature | Mission Bachelor Pad Makeover


We're so excited to share with you a truly transformative project that's been featured in HGTV's Great Canadian Homes series. This particular project was exceptionally fun for the DWK team. We were given full reign to take our client’s one-bedroom condo from a standard, scary bachelor pad to a modern, masculine home.

The space did not reflect the man.
— Jenn MacDonald

OK, OK! To be fair, Sean's place wasn't exactly a scene from a Van Wilder movie (think sticky red-solo cups, broken futon couch, beer fridge as a bedside table). We have to give Sean a lot more credit than that! His place was actually nicely put together. It was clean and functional, but the furniture he had bought or had handed down to him while in university did not reflect his current life as a successful lawyer.

Sean has a great sense of style, so Jenn knew right away that "the space did not reflect the man." She designed a modern, masculine pad inspired by how Sean dressed and presented himself—put together, stylish, and colourful.

We introduced key pieces in navy blue to bring a punch of colour to the naturally bright space. We started with two navy-blue velvet chairs with an open design concept that wouldn't take up too much space yet would provide necessary seating. A neutral custom sofa was complimented with a navy patterned area rug. To create a contemporary feel to the space, we used glass-and-chrome accent tables and introduced pops of gold in the lamps and abstract artwork. We carried these colours into the adjoining dining room. The end result was an eye-catching, modern, sophisticated space.


Before & After

When you think of this kind of makeover, you might picture a young, single guy reluctant to get rid of his old furniture because of its sentimental value or because his couch was perfectly imprinted with his body, BUT this is not what it was like to work with Sean. He was super easygoing and eager to have a home he was proud of, where he could entertain friends and even bring in a future Mrs. without worry of scaring her away. We're not in the business of pimping out our clients, but we think this makeover makes Sean the most eligible bachelor in Calgary. I’m sure most of you are nodding your heads in agreement. Check out the full tour on HGTV!

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Bachelor Pad Out & In List.png

Can you think of any other items that belong on the "Out with the Old" section? We'd love to hear any funny decor disasters you've had or seen. Leave us a comment below to get in on the discussion.


Design by Jenn MacDonald
Project Photographed by Lindsay Nichols