Navy Everything


If you’ve perused our website and scanned our portfolio, scrolled through our Instagram feed, or booked a consultation where we present a few of our before + afters, you’ll notice a common theme for many of our 2018 projects: an ocean of navy blue.

We’re well aware that this moody colour swept many of our designs this past year, and we’re not even mad about it. The colour gods kept waving navy blue in front of us, so we followed their lead. 

Today, we’re highlighting our biggest, boldest navy blue projects from the year and our favourite colour, metallic and texture combinations. The confidence and power in this colour really dramatizes a room. Like the sea and sky, navy blue pulls you in and doesn’t let go.

Navy & Velvet

There are so many ways to incorporate this colour, but one of the best ways is to mix it with a velvet texture to make it even more rich! No other colour looks more lavish in velvet. Well, emerald green and other jewel tones can compete, of course, but navy definitely takes the cake (we welcome a healthy argument, so feel free to express your own opinion in the comments!). We love a statement sofa or accent chairs in this colour/texture combo.

Navy & Other Bold Colours

We love that you can pair this bold hue with other stand-out colours and both take centre stage instead of over powering one another. In Katie’s old home she had a plush velvet navy sofa, not to mention the bold navy striped wallpaper, and paired the hue with striking orange accents throughout her home. This colour combination is eye-catching and possibly one of our all time favourites.

Rioux Home

Rioux Home

We used this colour combination again in our West Springs Family Home project but in more subtle quantities.

Pulling in navy in a striking area rug is another great way to incorporate the colour.

Navy & Gold

Pairing navy with gold and brass finishes is a sure fire way to add a little elegant flare to your space or even your wardrobe. We love the way the rich blue hue POPS next to this warm metallic finish.

Even though brass/gold and navy may be our favourite finish/colour combination with navy we can’t deny how timeless it is to combine silver and navy. This combination makes for a softer style and is definitely more subtle but is just as stunning, it just depends on the look you’re going for.


Another wonderful characteristic of navy is that it is a perfect statement colour for both a masculine and feminine home. As seen in our Mission Bachelor Pad project that was featured in HGTV!

Navy pairs so beautifully with various wood tones, fair and dark, AND compliments leather stunningly too! As seen here in our Chaparral Living Room Reveal.

Many of the projects we’ve highlighted here incorporate a lot of navy but that’s not to say you can’t add navy in more subtle amounts. An overall neutral colour palette with pops of navy blue in the accessories is a great way to add colour without committing to it entirely.

Which of our navy projects is your favourite? Are you inspired to use this versatile colour in your home?