The Wand & Wish List | Kick off & Our Dream Foyers


Hi & Welcome!


In an effort to showcase our personalities and style we've come up with the series: The Wand & Wish List.

Throughout this series we're referencing a metaphor we like to use with our clients – the magic wand. If you're familiar with our business, you know that we offer an initial complimentary consultation. This always takes place at our clients homes, and includes a house tour where we like to tell them to imagine they have a magic wand that can make all design dreams come true (wouldn't that be nice?! I'll take one of these wands for my wardrobe and grocery list too please!). Well, this series places the wand in our own hands.

Room by room we will be putting together our dream designs with our personal favourite pieces. We thought this would be a fun way to get to know us, our unique décor style, and some of the products that we offer!

Without further ado, we'd like to kick off the series with the entrance to every home, the Foyer! Snag a peek at the dream foyer designs we’ve put together!



"Simple and charming, just what I want to come home to everyday."



krio_foyer_entry copy.png

1. Bold & chic light fixture 2. Neutral palette cushions with varying textures and patterns 3. Bowls to catch keys and mail as you walk in 4. Bleached jute rug 5. Wicker basket for last minute accessories like an umbrella, or mitts & toques


1. Modern light fixture 2. Bench to help with boots or strappy sandals 3. Table lamp for mood lighting 4. Mirror for a last minute look on your way out 5. Console Table to hold it all together 6. Cushions 7. Side table to host a welcoming plant 8. Luxurious, relaxed and inviting blue Turkish rug


"Aaah, everything in it's place. Something that's especially lacking in my own home due to having a young, busy family who's always on the go!"

- Jenn



"If only this wand we're real! How nice it would be to come home and drop my keys and mail here every day... Not that I check my mail everyday."

- Katrina


1. Gold framed mirror for the first & last look 2. Cactus accessories 3. Glazed ceramic lamp 4. Raw edge wood bowl to keep your clutter in one spot 5. Mohogany console table with stunning ribbed top & stacked ball legs to hold everything together 6. Basket to hopefully hold a dog leash one day


You can definitely see some similarities throughout our wishful entryways but I think the most common theme is that they're all spotless and clutter free! This is the true dream! Realistically, entryways are the entrance to our homes, and will undoubtedly get messy from time to time. 

That being said, foyers should be styled purposefully with accessories to catch the clutter and mitigate the mess. Small dishes, baskets and bowls are perfect for catching keys, lipchap, lint rollers... whatever you use on your way out or drop on your way in. Here are some of our favorite accessories to manage living in the most stylish of ways!


We hope that this Wish List post has ignited some entryway inspiration for you and your home. We encourage you to go around your home waving your imaginary wand (disclaimer: kids, friends, pets may think you've lost it).

Leave us a comment below letting us know what you'd change in your foyer or which design you liked best!

thedwkteam taken blue shorter.png