3 Easy Steps to Pull a Room Together

You’ve grabbed a hot coffee and a blanket and are curled up on your patio to indulge in a little morning “me” time. You’re flicking through the glossy pages of a home-decor magazine, and you wonder, How can I make my room look like that? Well, wonder no more! Those rooms you envy follow some pretty simple rules, and we're revealing them for you today!


Step 1: Choose a Theme

This is going to be unique to YOU. What excites you, what’s your jam, what’s your groove? Is it contemporary, coastal, country cottage, California cool, old world, minimal, mid-century modern? Sticking to one theme will ensure your space has continuity and harmony.

Understanding your style is important. It gives focus to the space, but it also specifies your purchases. If you can’t decide on a theme or you’re unsure of your preferences, start researching. Clip pages from a magazine, “pin” photos from Pinterest, or select “favourites” from Houzz. We guarantee you’ll end up with a whole array of rooms with a similar look. Ta da! You’ve narrowed down your style.


Step 2: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

All the rooms in the home magazines have something in common: they repeat colours and patterns. Repeating colours and patterns creates unity, holds a space together, and pleases the eye. Colours can be repeated through artwork, throw pillows, area rugs, accessories, and lamps. Repetition pulls the eye around the room and effortlessly draws you in.

If you'd like to read more about incorporating and mastering pattern in your home we have a whole blog post dedicated to just that! 

how to add pattern to your home

Mastering Patterns 

Decorating with patterns continues to elude most people. It takes practice and patience to balance patterns in a way that has depth and character but still feels calm. We’ve put together four simple rules to help you along the way.


Step 3: Decorate The Room

The most effective way to make your space feel cohesive and complete is to paint your walls in the accent colour of your room—don’t just leave the job to the furniture and accessories. A lick of paint on the walls—or a wallpapered accent wall—that ties in with the other elements is a perfect way to create the harmony you’re looking for.


Now let’s talk about decorating the floors. No, I don’t mean painting them. I’m talking about area rugs. A rug holds a room together by anchoring all the furniture. Consider a large rug that allows all the legs of the furniture, or at least the front legs of the furniture, to rest on the rug. Everything that touches the rug is tied to that room. It’s a simple trick but an impactful one.


There you have it! You’ve narrowed down your theme and style, you’ve peppered your space with similar and complementary colours and patterns, and you’ve tied it all together with paint and an area rug. You’re basically a pro, and we should recruit you for our team! We’d love to hear which of these tips worked for you, and, as always, if you have any questions, please ask us in the comments section! Don’t be shy; leave us a line! We’d love to “pull you together” for some design discussion!