Designer We Love: Rebecca Atwood

Curate Your Story and Unlock Your Eclectic Style

Rebecca Atwood is a Brooklyn-based designer and textile artist. Not only are we obsessed with her bedding and wallpaper collections, but we also love everything she stands for. In her book, Living with Pattern, Rebecca discusses how our histories shape our lives and how we can use pattern to tell our individual stories at home. Her and her team’s goal is to inspire unique, beautiful, and imagined spaces, which might remind you of the DWK slogan: inspired, character interiors that move you. 

You are shaped by where you’ve lived, what you’ve seen, and what you’ve done; your story is composed of your whole life. Your distinct point of view is what makes you interesting—and that should be celebrated.
— Rebecca Atwood

Living with Pattern is the perfect guide on how to pull together your personal eclectic style based on your most prized memories, your interests, and your dreams. Diving into her memories of growing up on Cape Cod, Rebecca explains how the muted colour palettes, natural textures, and coastal references of the region influenced her textile design and style at home. She really makes you slow down and home in on design details that evoke emotion. She finds significance in the leopard-like spots on a crab shell, the ridges of sand at low tide, and the sun-bleached wood grain on a dock. Rebecca encourages you to include elements from all your seasons of life in your design choices.


You might think, "Her home must be a coastal-influenced paradise," but she goes further than that. She lives in Brooklyn now, which is in stark contrast to her Cape life, but of equal importance. From her daily Brooklyn life, she pulls inspiration from the gridded window frames in her studio or the contrast of a woman in a blue floral dress against a shiny reflective building. She writes, "The overlap of your collected experiences is where things get interesting. The contradictions, the way time has changed those memories, and how you want your life to move forward can all be expressed in your home." At DWK, we really identify with this way of thinking. Our expertise brings you into a room's design: your lifestyle, your family's needs, and your history.

Have you ever noticed that you're continually drawn to one colour or one print or pattern? We have, and we often catch each other right before the other mentions it and laugh. Katrina is always picking up the blush and/or pastel items, Jenn the emerald green, and Katie the royal blues and vibrant oranges. In Living with Pattern, Rebecca promotes the importance of noticing these details and keeping track of them in either a journal, keepsake box, or living mood board. Here are some of her notes on how to dig deeper and discover what you really love:


1. Explore your neighbourhood and take pictures of what interests you.

Taking photos of the different shapes, compositions, and colours around you will provide cues as to what you're really drawn to. 

2. Go through old photos.

Revisiting different periods of your life and reflecting upon significant photos will help you connect with your present self. 

3. Reminisce about the place you grew up.

Whether it was a small town, a big city, or someplace in between, it shaped you. 


4. Recall the places you've travelled.

This could be a favourite camping vacation where you loved looking up at the trees and seeing the stars at night.

5. Choose relevant memories.

With all these memories fresh in your mind, look around your home and observe what speaks to you and what doesn't feel relevant anymore. 

6. Think about the future.

Your hopes and dreams are a part of your story. Think about where you want to go in the future and surround yourself with items that speak to where you're headed. These items will help make your dreams a reality by serving as a reminder for what excites you.


The takeaway:

"Keep your eyes open all the time, and be decisive about what you really like."


Can you see why we love her? Not only are her textile designs stunning and evocative, but after learning more about her, you can see how her experiences have shaped her work. We love how she encourages you to look deeper at your surroundings, which is so important today when we're often looking at our devices rather than our environment. Concentrating on what brings you joy truly speaks to us. When we're completing an installation at your home, we want all the elements of your joy to come together. It's why we keep your "must haves" and work with you to choose the latest curated additions.

What do you think of Rebecca Atwood's idea that your home should be a reflection of your life and interests? Tell us about your favourite keep-sake-accessory at home. What does it remind you of when you look at it?